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  • Zulema Alvarado v. Swire Oilfield Services (Uvalde District Court)In this oil field services personal injury case, Vivian L. Ethridge successfully argued summary judgment against a well known State Representative on behalf of her client thereby obtaining a dismissal of all claims of gross negligence.

  • Edward Rodriguez v. Asphalt Technologies, et al. (Travis County Court) In this complex personal injury lawsuit, Plaintiff alleged Defendant, a highway construction and traffic control company inadequately marked the construction zone causing the Plaintiff confusion on the roadway. Plaintiff claim the confusion caused Plaintiff to sustain serious life altering spinal cord injuries after he was struck from behind by a drunk driver. After litigating nearly two years, Vivian L. Ethridge successfully obtained a summary judgment on behalf of her client. The Plaintiff was represented by a preeminent lawyer who was recognized for obtaining one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Texas in 2011.

  • Edward Johnson v. Delta Queen d/b/a ABC Longhorn Moving; (Travis County) In this personal injury action, after two years of discovery and a vigorous defense, Vivian L. Ethridge obtained a voluntarily dismissal from the Plaintiffs on all claims.

  • Inland American Retain Management, LLC v. New World Spanish by Pros, LLC; (Bexar County) In this commercial landlord tenant dispute, Vivian successfully argued in favor of her client that the terms of the lease were clear and unambiguous, thus her client did not breach the contract. The Court therefore found the opposing party breached the contract and awarded substantial damages to Vivian’s clients.

  • Litchenberg v. Conmed; (Harris County) In this medical products liability case, Vivian successfully argued summary judgment after striking the Plaintiffs’ expert. Vivian was the briefing attorney on the appeal and the Houston Court of appeal upheld the summary judgment.

  • Pareja v. Texas Fair Plan Association; (Harris County) In this case of alleged failure to procure the proper insurance policy, arising out of Hurricane Ike, on the eve of the hearing on Defendant’s motion for summary judgment, Vivian obtained a voluntary nonsuit.


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